Patrick speaks with Chuck Russo, President of Baca

Direct download: ST027ChuckRusso.mp3
Category:Other Interview -- posted at: 6:50pm PDT

Patrick speaks with Karen Rothenberg, founder of Natural Stone Motif, Inc

Direct download: ST026KarenRothenberg.mp3
Category:Fabricator Interview -- posted at: 4:00am PDT

Patrick speaks with Ed Hill, Synchronous Solutions

Direct download: ST025EdHill.mp3
Category:Other Interview -- posted at: 12:14pm PDT

Patrick speaks with Brian Johnson of Johnson Granite in North Carolina

Direct download: ST024BrianJohnson.mp3
Category:Fabricator Interview -- posted at: 12:42pm PDT

Patrick speaks with Jeremy Mathison, CEO of Western Marble & Tile Ltd.

Direct download: Stonetalk_23_-_Jeremy_Mathison.mp3
Category:Fabricator Interview -- posted at: 6:40pm PDT

Patrick speaks with Jeremiah Rivers, CEO of Rivers' Edge Countertops in Oklahoma

Direct download: ST022Jeremiah_RIvers.mp3
Category:Fabricator Interview -- posted at: 5:17pm PDT

Patrick speaks with Scott Hanes, owner of Majestic Marble & Granite in Orlando, Florida

Direct download: ST021Scott_Hanes.mp3
Category:Fabricator Interview -- posted at: 6:22am PDT

Patrick speaks with Terrance Jacobs of TCL Asset Group

Direct download: ST020TerrenceJacobs.mp3
Category:Other Interview -- posted at: 6:39am PDT

Patrick speaks with Dave Scott, owner of Slabworks of Montana

Direct download: ST019DaveScott.mp3
Category:Fabricator Interview -- posted at: 4:37pm PDT

Patrick speaks with homeowner Steven Blakey about his experience buying new countertops (part of an overall kitchen remodel)

Direct download: ST018StevenBlakey.mp3
Category:Other Interview -- posted at: 2:00am PDT

Patrick speaks with Marty Gould of The Customer Store, a marketing consultant and popular speaker at stone events

Direct download: ST017MartyGould.mp3
Category:Other Interview -- posted at: 7:00am PDT

Patrick speaks with Jordany Nunes from NF Granite in Mississippi

Direct download: ST016JordanyNunes.mp3
Category:Fabricator Interview -- posted at: 7:32am PDT

Patrick speaks with Joe Alva, Chief Design Engineer at Poseidon Stone Equipment (

Direct download: ST015JoeAlva.mp3
Category:Other Interview -- posted at: 12:31pm PDT

Patrick speaks with Keith Haight, Executive Director of ISFA, the International Surface Fabricators Association.

Direct download: ST014KeithHaight.mp3
Category:Other Interview -- posted at: 7:34am PDT

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